Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i REALLY REALLY REALLY want a SEW IN weave lol

lol i really do.
i go back to school in a month and as seeing how my hair was last year, I didn't want to have to go through of my hair being done 1 month cause I made my way back home and going through some weeks of looking DISATROUS!!!! lol, i'd be going around my campus lookin like the BEAST, lol
so i been lookin on some websites for hairstyles and I think I have an understanding of what I want. I was a SEW IN WEAVE.

It looks like real hair, it gives me the length i sooo want and I don't have to worry about overheating my hair or worrying about my dandrudff and I can be a bad bitch and won't nobody(except the old people I met last year...but who cares bout them) know its weave!!!

but I do have concerns! i won't have my car until late December so how I'm gonna maintain my sew is a problem cause I want to have it done every 2 months-3 months hopefully 2 months but if Icant get back home I can stretch it to 3 months

and also taking care of the weave so it lasts like washing it, blow drying and styling if I couldn't do my REAL hair how can I maintain some WEAVE and I heard it also harder to mantain

and also, after taking it down the BREAKAGE i've heard about I've heard horror stories that women had to CHOP because they're hair was so MATTED and TANGLED. i would be so DEATHLY SICK if I had to cut my hair....but, with those worries I still want 1!

I went on this hairstylist in Maryland name RENIECE.COM to look for hairstyles and I Just wish I could fly there and get it done by her cause she can do some GOOD ASS HAIR , but iCant...but what you think looks the cutest???

pictures came from WWW.RENIECE.COM ; i do not claim these photos at ALL


she's cute though.....right...

i LOVE my niece I REALLY do....

she can be sweet when she wants

but lately she been getting on my NERVES!!

she has thrown my PHONE and my DIGITAL CAMERA into the toilet.

epic fail.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Relationships in College....good or no?

People say that relationships in college don’t work. They say you’re young and why would you want to settle down with just one person while you can have fun and won’t have to be tied down to anybody. That can be true….to some extent but most of the time, in my opinion, the only person who truly benefits from “just having fun” are boys. Cause honestly, girls playing the field are in some way, shape or form going to be called out on it. Don’t you know that you can just talk to different people, not do anything with them at all and guys will see say you are fast and whatnot, just because you chose to “play the field?” And after you’ve “played the field” most boys can’t handle that you’ve haven’t just talked to a few people and is hesitant in the future to pursue something serious with you. It’s all so exhausting and stupid. I was talking to my bestie about being in a relationship in college because our freshman year I was single, and by the second semester she wasn’t but our first semester we were both single and just talking to random guys. Her just talking to guys presented some problems with her boyfriend, and after a while I figured that none of the boys on campus were worth my time. I told her about this guy I’m talking to who I kind of like, and he wants to be with me when we get on campus[I’m skeptical about that though..] and she tells me that, Girl you got so many options why you just want to settle down to one but I say, “

Why have so many options and talk to boys to only find out they
just want to fuck in the long run and they some bullshit options and miss an
opportunity with somebody who wants to be with me for me and lose them in the
process of having options?”

and she looked at me and said, “You’re right,”

Friday, July 10, 2009

Does Dad Know Everything? I THINK NO..

ommg people sorry I havent been posting I have actually been workin (only part time now) and just waiting to go back to school. I have NEVER been so ready to go back to school. My hometown of Memphis is actually quite borin, and Im jus ready for the college life, the college boys, the college parties & games lol you know just be FREEEEEEEE LOL but ANYWHO, Im tryna save up money for my apartment I decided to forgo being in a crowded dorm and risk rooming with someone I didn't know OR like, so.... I have to have $324 by August 1th. Now, that's the only time I have to come up with the money myself I have it set up where the money I'm getting by finacial aid it will act as my housing... my apartment for a year is about the same (or a little less) as my housing did in my freshman year so I thought why not be in a apartment instead of a dorm where I have to share the bathroom, be in a little ass space and have to have my space "CHECKED" everytime a holiday came my daddy is being SOOO AGAINST IT. he is LIKE INTENT that's its going to fail!! everytime we talk about we get into a big ass disagreement.he just's listing all the things that's going to go wrong and I'm like, I thought of everything!! I know how I'm going to pay, I know all the roommates I'm rooming with, I will be able to get to the campus cause they have a shuttle(and I will get my car in Dec) so why is he trippin? he thinks I'm jus being young nd thinking I know it all but I think I'm being reasonable and just wants him to know that this CAN go smoothly just because it's a decision I made without him! I guess he seem to think I'm making a huge mistake, but I disagree but hey , he thinks he knows everything cause he lived longer than me. isnt that a stupid reason to say u know more about something? LOL....whatever everytime he starts saying in my head im jus like IM GROWN NOW SO WHATEVER U SAYING ITS LIKE BOOOOOPPPPP lol...Im crazy!!!

post ur thoughts. ♥