Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i REALLY REALLY REALLY want a SEW IN weave lol

lol i really do.
i go back to school in a month and as seeing how my hair was last year, I didn't want to have to go through of my hair being done 1 month cause I made my way back home and going through some weeks of looking DISATROUS!!!! lol, i'd be going around my campus lookin like the BEAST, lol
so i been lookin on some websites for hairstyles and I think I have an understanding of what I want. I was a SEW IN WEAVE.

It looks like real hair, it gives me the length i sooo want and I don't have to worry about overheating my hair or worrying about my dandrudff and I can be a bad bitch and won't nobody(except the old people I met last year...but who cares bout them) know its weave!!!

but I do have concerns! i won't have my car until late December so how I'm gonna maintain my sew is a problem cause I want to have it done every 2 months-3 months hopefully 2 months but if Icant get back home I can stretch it to 3 months

and also taking care of the weave so it lasts like washing it, blow drying and styling if I couldn't do my REAL hair how can I maintain some WEAVE and I heard it also harder to mantain

and also, after taking it down the BREAKAGE i've heard about I've heard horror stories that women had to CHOP because they're hair was so MATTED and TANGLED. i would be so DEATHLY SICK if I had to cut my hair....but, with those worries I still want 1!

I went on this hairstylist in Maryland name RENIECE.COM to look for hairstyles and I Just wish I could fly there and get it done by her cause she can do some GOOD ASS HAIR , but iCant...but what you think looks the cutest???

pictures came from WWW.RENIECE.COM ; i do not claim these photos at ALL


La~La such a fashionista said...

I like the wrap with the bang alot. I think it will look super cute on you! Weaves aren't too bad. If you get human hair its even better. THey look natural and are way easier to maintain. Whenever I get my sew-ins i usually leave parts of my hair out in case I want to put it in a ponytail and leave the back down if that makes sense lol. BUt good luck. Oh btw check out these wigs called lace front wigs. I know it sounds pretty ugly(wig lol Grandma) but no they're made to look just like your real hair with a lace scalp and everything and last up to 6 months!!

Pretty Tira said...

This is super CuTe! I want one too b4 i start the fall semester was i'll probably get a fusion! SO i can leave it in for 4 months and be able to wet it, and do anything i want to do to it! =] But yea mke sure u post pics when u get it

Anonymous said...

The first one is the best look. I recently took out my sew in weave after 2weeks. It was sooo unconfortable but I will say that it looks amazing while its on. Good luck! Check out my blog and follow if you like it..i always return the favor ;-)

Briiii_theMoonWillow said...

the third or first one for you. the third looks like it'll compliment your face shape better though =o

they all look fly

Anonymous said...

I like the first one, but that could be because that’s how I wear my sew-ins. Definitely talk to your beautician about your concerns, because they are all valid. She should be able to give you recommendations on how to wash it and good products to use. For example, I don’t live mine in longer than a month because my hair grows too fast. Also I don’t get my edges braided so I can reduce the risk of them breaking off. But those are all things you learn after experience.

Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

I've never had a weave...but for the simple fact that it LOOKS cool...i'd do it!!!! I'm such a corn ball! hahaha!!! Love ur blog! Great reads! We're now following!

-Kelly of *AF*