Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Broke in College.. Cruelty at its finest

Mostly everybody I know is a broke ass college student.
Not much money, eating Ramen Noodles, and buying used or rented books to save a little cash. So tell me why these party promoters throwing parties and shit like people got money on trees to shell out money for their little parties every week?
Our homecoming is this week, and that means party, party, party every day this week! I just don't have the mulah for that shit.. I just shelled out 35 for a concert @ my school that gotdamn canceled and the fuckers didn't refund our money! That was on some bullshit
Then TSU's homecoming is in 2 or 3 weeks, and I most definitely have to attend that. Plies, Yo Gotti, Young Dro and Yung Joc will be there and Nashville will be on LOCK DOWN..
all these goddamn money. I got a refund and I had money.. but with the spending money on myy new laptop, shopping, books and paying my rent I'm down to 400!! && i won't be getting the next refund til Jan.. so what is a girl to do?! I HaVe to BUDGET!! ahh, but how when there's so much shit to do. I personally think its unfair lol
I'll figure it out.

Acceptance Is Soooo Great!

Today, I've had a revelation

instead of me stressing about being the only single I know, and not being in love and not having a boyfriend and potentially being single for V-day..

today I said "I'm single. Accept it."

and I've come to terms with it. I've come to term with I might not find a dude who is patient about me being a virgin,
I've come to terms with not every guy I meet might not like me as much as I like him,
I've come to terms with the fact I might be single another month, 3 months, or even year...
and that is OK!!

I know you all will think "Damn she so young, why she worried about a boyfriend?" Well..when everybody one you know speaks of love so openly and freely and after a while, the same friends you use to hit every party with opts out instead to snuggle-wugggle with their booski it makes you


but I've come to terms with my single-ness.
My male friend told me to don't look and it will come to you and I said "So that means I have to give up on any possiblity that comes my way" and he told me some that gives me comfort... he said
"Just have faith he will come when he does and you are ready; not worrying is having faith."

I got faith, so i'm not worried about it anymore ♥

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gucci Mane the Burrprint

Okay, so im loooving the Burrrrprint Gucci mane and DJ Drama the movie part 3

mixtape. Again, Gucci came out with another hard mixtape.. im always gonna be a Gucci fan

but one thing that made me laugh was Gucci speaking. In one of his skits, he says, "Jayz is the best rapper alive," That is a LIE

and im like....uh oh is Gucci tryna start some he know he might not can finish?

Iono but..


Monday, October 12, 2009

Men & The Good Ol' Disappearing Act..

Ah, i have no luck with men ..

u think u connect with a dude and it might go somewhere

then,,, we've all been there

he goes on a disappearing act

I was talking to a guy and he was, ehhhhhhhh he alright looking and he seemed cool and we had a good conversation it constantly flowed for about 4 hours

he had strikes thooough

1)overly "cocky" and he wasn't all that cute...i mean, he kept saying "he's different," blah blah blah he dont think like the average dude like....i hate when guys sayy that instead of telling me that let me see it for myself u knww?

2) he says himself he's "superficial" and he wants a girl who is "really pretty". I think that is fine, but when you say that to a girl, in my opinion, u give her reasons to make her insecure. One of the things he t0old me he wanted in a girl that she had long hair. NOW when i met him, I had my weave in.. but when we chilled, I took it out and rockin my collarbone length hair.. && for soome reason I just felt he looked at me different

So im thinking things are gonna be ok, we'll hang out some more possibly get to know dude. Im not thinking much of it. Then, he doesnt text me. Ok, cool.. then another day goes by w/o texting. I text him and his answers are so dry & bland. A bunch of "oks," && "yeas" so, the final question I ask him is "SO have u been busy" and he answers "Yeah," and thats it. ..
now the reason for me asking this question is to have him explain why he hasnt hit me up.. and maybe, possibly we can hang. but none of that sort. he just said yeah.. bland, dry, to the point he doesnt rap. So, Im like "aight" and I delete his number. Its been 4 days no nothing from him...thus the "Disappearing Act"

I hate when guys do this "Disappearing Act" Everything is cool (so u think) then they decide (in their mind) they do not want you, yall didnt connect whatever and u never hear from him again. I just think its a cowardly men .. and for the guy to claim he was "such a man and mature" iJust think it was a bitch, and little boy move.. if u didnt want to rap, at least make an excuse as why we couldnt be together lie and say you're tooo busy to hang or somethin... whatever... ON TO THE NEXT!!! LOL

Monday, September 28, 2009

only LAMES go up to guys right..

Is it acceptable for girls to go up to guys now?

I ask this because....iam in a bit of a dilemma. In my history 2020 class, there is a guy. He's REALLY cute and his name is, I shall call him, J. J is cute as hell, and I peeped that out first day of class. He was kind of eyeing me too I felt it, but he didn't approach me. Cool. Whatever

So, just last week I got a little bit cute I think and went to class. after class, i was walking towards the library when he appears next to me. Im getting excited because im thinking 'perfect opportunity' and that he will start a conversation say hey or somethin.
UM, it never happened. We walked a good 10 minutes besides each other, and he didnt say a word to me. He put on his earphones and walked.

I felt crushed.

So, my friends are telling me maybe I should start a conversation with him and get him to know me. Maybe start saying "Hello," or "HI," and that will let him know that I am interested.
But my thing is....if he is interested, or halfway interested or thinks im cute....won't he approach me? Men are SIMPLE, right. If they are interested they will come up to you and approach you. If they are NOT interested, they WONT come up to you. Fairly simple concept, so why am I analyzing it right?

My friend told me just because he thinks Im pretty doesnt mean he wanna talk to me. He has to get to know me a bit before he can make that call to become interested, so starting a conversation is key. But Im juss saying.....WHY I GOTTA MAKE THAT FIRST MOVE?

Im LOSING my best friend to her BOYFRIEND

Me and my bestie have been friends since the 7th grade. We both haven't been in any serious relationships, and we were thick as thieves and stuck like glue our 1st and 2nd semester of college.

Then she got a boyfriend.

And now, it's so very very very different and no matter what she tells me, THAT SHIT IS DIFFERENT.

You see, I am still single, and with NO prospects in mind I like to go out.
but she, on the other hand does not like going out..she'd rather stay in her boyfriend

And thats fine and dandy....but she never wants to go out anymore. I'd ask her to go somewhere, and its like PULLING teeth to get her to go. I don't want to have to beg her to go anywhere with me. She is my bestie, she should go willing.. We live in an apt together and time spent is spent in each other rooms for whatever little time she isnt with her bf, and thats it.

I asked her recently about a party and she indicated she didn't want to go, though last week she was up for it. Im like WTF? Last year, any party there was we could get to she was geeked to go to. It just makes me frustrating.

I know she is happy in love, and wants to spend ALL her time with him but when did spending time with him sacrifice her wanting to spend time with me??

Im happy for my best friend, it is just that she is extremely frustrating me to the depths. Maybe I should just find another single friend and get it like that and leave her iwith her happy relationship. I dont know what anymore.
I just miss my old best friend. Before the boyfriend. But if shes happy..

MIA but iam back..

damn I haven't blogged for over a month---

i seriously apologize. I went back to college and moved into my apt, and got adjusted to the college life again after being home for nearly 4 months.

but im back like i never left, LEFT LIKE I NEVER SLEPT

haha that's some GUCCI GUCCi for ya...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


AhH...i finally got my sew in... after being hella nervous and $276 later here is the ending result tell me what u thinK!!

This is Right After it Was Done:

and here's after i wrapped it..I will put the curls back when I go back to school:

Monday, August 17, 2009

Niggas are So Disrespectful now a Days..

and I just wonder....when did this come about??

I have two brothers one older and one younger. My older brother is....ugh, sometimes disgusting to say the least. He calls every girl he encounters "Hoes" or "Bitches" and basically bring women

to a level of just having sex with them. And it's a lot of other guys like that as well. When did this become a trend? When did disrespecting women and slogans like, "Money over bitches," and '

"Trust no Hoe," become popular?? Whose fault is it? Back in the 40s, 50s, & 60s men wouldn't DARE call a women a hoe or a bitch. Men were respectful, opened doors, take women out on dates really court a woman. Now, niggas will text you "Whats up wit the pussy" and expect to have sex even if he just took you to damn Taco Bell !!! Is it women's fault? Is it because we became too lax, and let men in who wasn't worthy; is it because of they way women dress now a days very procatively; I don't understand......they say its because of single parenthood, but if men are being raised by single mothers wouldn't that teach them to respect a woman because they are hardworking and will sacrifice for the family??

These are the things that are on my Mind..

Kourtney Kardashian is 30....

and pregnant!!

lol.. I wish her well on her pregnancy but I dont understand...if her and Scott broke up, why in the hell were they effing? So, were they fuck buddies or did they ever really break up? Probably didn't...

all I know is the baby will be gorgeous, but dingy ass hell. You see the rest of the Kardashian family...they're not the smartest trees in the forest

but Kourtney look great for 30 though she could easily pass for 21!!

That Damn Latisse Commerical

Am I the only one who is thorougly annoyed by this commerical?

I see this commerical at least 10x a day, and it bugs the ish out of me!!! They think women

seriously gonna go to their doctor and get a presciption to help their damn eyelashes grow?! Aint

that some can lose your eyesight, but you'll have some curly ass eyelashes...smfh.

Dont they know women can just get fake eyelashes, and call it a day?? Only white women gne buy this shit...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Im Afraid of Relationships...

I have never been in a long term relationship before.

Im 19 years old, and I never had a boyfriend more than 3 months.

and in some ways, that scares me.

My momma says that its normal for me not to have be in a relationship because I'm so young. I shouldn't be thinking about anything serious anyways, and just should concentrate on college and graduating....but of course she would say that.

but I think my problem is that I'm afraid of relationships...

and because I'm afraid, I have become extremely picky about who I choose to date.

and I think I choose guys that aren't gonna stay around long so I won't have to be in a real relationship.

When I start to talk to a guy, I look for little things that can turn me off and it is the wrong little things that turn me off. Like if he hasn't dated many girls himself or can't really hold a conversation or even if he never had a job. If something little irks me, I dump him.

and then I cling to the guys who used((are)) to be whores, talked to everybody and they mama, say they cant wait long for a girl to have sex, blah blah blah then I complain to my friends that he ain't shit and go through the whole cycle again.

I just think I'm afraid of what will happen if I do get in a real relationship. If I do get with a guy and fall deep, then I'm vulnerable, then if he hurts me I can become damaged goods, somebody with baggage. I'll feel awful and hurt and betrayed, and then I'll become bitter like so many other girls I know that have lost & lost and I don't want to go through that. So I keep it casual, and date guys who I know won't be around for long.

but I want that to change. I need to get over my fear and let somebody in because like they say, it's better to love and lost than to never loved & all, but hell I am scared that when I love and lose, I will never be able to love again...

Things I Hate Seeing While on Campus..

Girls walking in heels---
like, seriously? I know you want to be cute & all but our college campus is HUUUUGE, and parking is horrible so basically you have to walk everywhere and when I see girls in heels it just give me a headache like, ugggh I hope you fall so I can laugh VERY VERY loud in your face.. '

People stopping/slowing down in the middle of traffic--
You know when you tryna walk to your class and there's a whole crowd walking forward/back and you tryna get where you're going and all of a sudden, the person in front starts slowing down and you try to manuever your way from behind them but there's so many people that you can't. Yeah. Thanks asshole now i'm late for class! '

Riding a bike in the middle of traffic-
I see this all the time on my campus....they will ride their bike on the sidewalk where a bunch of people are tryna to walk. And some don't even watch where they're going! You'll be walking and all of a sudden you see a bike and shit whiz by and you get all scared & isssh just because they didn't let YOU know they were comin. ugh, you know you can walk right?

A whole bunch of guys laughing/talking--
I hate to see a whole bunch of guys together because thats just means one of them is gonna try && talk to me, and be worsome ass hell. They're little dumb ass friends gonna say some stupid sexual shit && gon ask me can they be my friend knowing damn well they don't wanna be my friend.siiigh.

Guys with skinny jeans on and yet, they still sagging---
This has been a trend since Im guessing last fall. But why?! So, you want to have tight jeans but still be "hood" and sag? In the words of B. Scott, "Bitch. Boo. Bye!!"

The white girls with uggs on and it's 90 degrees outside--
But she'll have on a mini-skirt and Aeropostale shirt.. and her hair will be in a messy bun.. smh

That really old guy who you thinks goes to your school but not sure but he keeps starin----
I know I'm not the only one, right?


Monday, August 10, 2009

Man Jailed for Yawning...WTF?

In Chicago, a man was jailed for, Wtf?!

he was in the courtroom and was waiting on his cousin to be sentenced on drug charges..and he started yawning. The court said he was yawning in a way that it was disrupting court proceeding....and the judge filed in a contempt of court and gave him not a fine, but 6 months..

6 MONTHS FOR YAWNING?!??! bullshit.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Random Fucking Thoughts,,, Its All Over the Place; My Mind..

I am so bored with life right now. Like, there isn't shit to do in my world!! My job ended on July 31, so I am no longer working and I won't be getting a regular check(UUUGGGH) but I have about 1,000 saved up for the summer so I'm in pretty good shape. I just hate that for the next two weeks I won't be doing shit. Like, just keeping the house clean and laying around is basically it. I gotta curb my spending so I can't do the club alot so it makes for the end of my summer to be pretty damn boring. Fuck. I'm so ready to go back to school August 26th!! In two weeks, I will be gone of this boring town and back into another boring ass town, I admit but at least it'll be a boring town with live sets, cute boys, Vodka, and no rules WHATSOEVER!! Im so sick of my parents wanting to talk to me, or tell me something or make me do something it's gotten me oh so very blah blah everything is going out of one ear and through the other. I am kinda missing one of my oldest friends right now, but I don't know how to form a line of communication with her. We were best friends in 4th grade but lost touch by 6th grade but got back in touch in 7th grade. My momma REALLY didn't like her and called her fast (because sometimes, she could be..) but she was my friend but my momma really went out of her way to sabotage it and prevented me from going out with her, wouldn't take me places if it involved her..... so basically by my senior year, we lost touch. We got back in touch on Facebook but we do not talk much. I comment on some of her pics and statuses but thats it. I do not even have her number. I get the feeling that she isn't really trying to maybe be friends or talk&& whatnot so thats why I haven't tried to get her number or force the issue but I see her like have pictures with another FB friend of mine and it kind of hurts my feelings because we used to be tight, her momma and brother knew me and my mother and she used to call me with problems & etc., like I felt like a friend who didn't judge her but I understand that she wants new friends and probably thinks old people would hold her back but it stills hurts me a lil even though my best friend is the isssh and I wouldn't trade that skinny bish for nothing in the world!! lol.

also, I cant fucking WAIT to get this refund check from school mane. It comes on August 31st and after I pay my rent for my apartment its SHOPPING time!! lol, I was looking online for cute laptops and I was thinking about getting a Dell Inspirion 15 and it's in pink my favorite color!! yay!! here it is: i love the color it's so pretty, feminine-like !
lol. later peoples !

Back then U didn't Want Me....

So, I'm on Facebook looking at people's pictures and reading comments and whatnot and sudden I get a message in the inbox. I look, and to my surprise its an old crush of mine from back in middle school talking about he wants my number. I'm suprised, and I end up giving him my number thinking how much I used to like him back in the day and wonder what his conversation game would be like... and I was SERIOUSLY DISAPPOINTED...
but that's not what I came here to talk about lol. It seems in the coming years since middle school and my early high school years, the guys I just absoutely ADORED back in those days and didn't give a rats ass about me because they were in the going hoe's faces are now sending me msgs and whatnot tryna to get to know me. At first I was like flattered && shit but now that I think about it...Im like the hell. Back then when I do admit I was awkard looking and reeked VIRGIN lol u didn't give me a second look but now that I've matured and become very cute u want to get to know me? It seems like every possible crush I have had has tried to get a second chance for me. It kinda boosts my ego at times I admit, but half the tims the niggas aint bout shit no way so I kindly thank them for their "compliments" and be on my way....if you wasn't interested then, what makes you so interested now that u start sweating me?? It can't be for nothing good, or that u just want to "TAKE ME OUT" or some.....u just want some!!! Lol in the words of Mike Jones, 'BACK THEN U DIDNT WANT ME NOW IM HOT U ALL ON ME" LMFAO

ABDC: Southern Movement

I just got through watching America Best Dance Crew, and I saw some people from my school, Middle Tennessee State University on there: Southern Movement!! I was so excited and was rooting for them through the whole show!! Their first routine could of been a little bit better I admit, but their "to the death" performance they STR8 KILLED IT!!!! Im so proud of them and I hope they make it all the way to the end!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

4 Things Women Should Have..


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Maybe she's a "whore" for a reason...

I was watching Secret Lives of Women on Oxygen....ya'll need to go watch it its actually verrry good and the topic was female sex addicts. Basically, it was like two women who were current "sex" addicts...and two former sex addicts and they talked about they're past, what they are doing now and how they overcame their sex addiction....

so.. of all the girls I known that were so called "going" and hoes...maybe they had a reason? Something inside that we don't knw about and we're judging them without knowing the whole story?

Let me share somethin with ya. At my college, of course there was sex and etc hooking up as it is called but there was this one girl imma call her Keira. Keira was the HOE of the school. Her speciality was oral. She practically give bj's to every dude in one click, and a whole host of others. They even began calling her a "Man Eater" to her face, and to my surprise....she actually accepted it! It was a well known fact that she was easy, and basically if you called her to your room she would give you head. She even admitted liking to do it, and not caring.

Now...when I heard 'bout this I IMMEDIATELY judged. I gave her 0% respect, and laughed when I heard what the dudes did to her, said bout her etc.. but then one day I started thinking like, 'DAMN!!' it gotta be a reason why this girl is degrading herself like this. She must of had some issues back at home with her family or father, or maybe some deep rooted self-esteem issues that is making her lash out like this. She simply isn't doing this because she loves it because she is getting disrespected, and she even cried when a boy put her business out on front street. Then I started looking at her in a different light. I felt sorry for her. When I heard of her escapades, I didn't think "That hoe...." I thought, "Damn she need some help,"

But of course, people are only gonna respect you if you show some respect for themselves. If a girl is putting herself out there like that, people aren't gonna treat her like she is somebody worth being treated. But still, when a girl is being a Whore.... you sometimes gotta think about damn Maybe This girl is going through something instead of immediately talking about her and calling her a hoe....when u look at the whole picture like that, it makes gossiping about her seem Wrong.

but who knows. Im just ranting.

Monday, August 3, 2009

BEING in a Relationship only for Sex...

You done heard the old quote before..
"Women fake an orgasm for the sake of a relationship; men fake a relationship for the sake of a orgasm"

in a lot of ways, that is true...

I posted the other day about these dude who is getting on my nerves to the nth degree and he's acting like soooo uninterested and distant, and I decided that I might drop him. Then I got to thinking why I was talking to him in the 1st place...

see im a VIRGIN....

and im a college girl. And to be quite honest, I'm tired of it. Being a virgin that is..
No it isn't pressuring me to have sex, or Im sooo in love that I want that person Im in in love with to be my first

Im just goddamn curious, and I just want to get the shit out of the way..
I know you shouldn't want to have sex because others are doing it, and in some ways thats part of the reason but Ijust want to experience it FOR MYSELF. i bet its great lol.....Im a curious girl I wil admit
But all the niggas I've met so far in life, have not at all been worthy of getting it whatsoever!!
They either niggas just talking to me for sex, lame ass hell, or I just didn't like them. I haven't been in many relationships, but I've talked to plenty of niggas and I've met em all && most guys ain't shit. lol
But anyways, I been talking to this guy and he seems alright enough. He's cute, and he's willing to be in a relationship. So I was thinking hey I'd go with him, and most likely do something with him. Basically, talking to him knowing that later down the road, I'd probably eff him. IT's badddd cause you're supposed to know somebody in/out before you have sex with him, and have feelings & blah, blah, blah and I probably would have feelings and all that jazz for him (if only he wasnt showing his ass right now!!) but the desire to have sex is hella strong!! I don't want to have sex with a guy I'm just talking to because it would seem like I waited allll this time for nothing. But, having sex with a guy Ima go with in college is worthless too huh? Hell, at least I'll be with him and won't have to worry about being labeled a hoe, going or etc. just because me and guy is effin..he'll be my boyfriend!! lol. i just need to get some this fall before i go crazy.. does that sound crazy?

Im SO over it..

Seriously, i HATE when a guy Im talking to make it seems like Im more interested in him than he is with me. Like, won't even text/call for a whole
day because their playing "PS3" or helping NUMEROUS people move all the time...hMM.. sounds fishy to me. Doesn't call, wants to text a line or
two each day and claims they are not a "phone" person but are more comfortable in person.... like dude, Im so over you. My interest is fleeting
and you just lost it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i REALLY REALLY REALLY want a SEW IN weave lol

lol i really do.
i go back to school in a month and as seeing how my hair was last year, I didn't want to have to go through of my hair being done 1 month cause I made my way back home and going through some weeks of looking DISATROUS!!!! lol, i'd be going around my campus lookin like the BEAST, lol
so i been lookin on some websites for hairstyles and I think I have an understanding of what I want. I was a SEW IN WEAVE.

It looks like real hair, it gives me the length i sooo want and I don't have to worry about overheating my hair or worrying about my dandrudff and I can be a bad bitch and won't nobody(except the old people I met last year...but who cares bout them) know its weave!!!

but I do have concerns! i won't have my car until late December so how I'm gonna maintain my sew is a problem cause I want to have it done every 2 months-3 months hopefully 2 months but if Icant get back home I can stretch it to 3 months

and also taking care of the weave so it lasts like washing it, blow drying and styling if I couldn't do my REAL hair how can I maintain some WEAVE and I heard it also harder to mantain

and also, after taking it down the BREAKAGE i've heard about I've heard horror stories that women had to CHOP because they're hair was so MATTED and TANGLED. i would be so DEATHLY SICK if I had to cut my hair....but, with those worries I still want 1!

I went on this hairstylist in Maryland name RENIECE.COM to look for hairstyles and I Just wish I could fly there and get it done by her cause she can do some GOOD ASS HAIR , but iCant...but what you think looks the cutest???

pictures came from WWW.RENIECE.COM ; i do not claim these photos at ALL


she's cute though.....right...

i LOVE my niece I REALLY do....

she can be sweet when she wants

but lately she been getting on my NERVES!!

she has thrown my PHONE and my DIGITAL CAMERA into the toilet.

epic fail.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Relationships in College....good or no?

People say that relationships in college don’t work. They say you’re young and why would you want to settle down with just one person while you can have fun and won’t have to be tied down to anybody. That can be true….to some extent but most of the time, in my opinion, the only person who truly benefits from “just having fun” are boys. Cause honestly, girls playing the field are in some way, shape or form going to be called out on it. Don’t you know that you can just talk to different people, not do anything with them at all and guys will see say you are fast and whatnot, just because you chose to “play the field?” And after you’ve “played the field” most boys can’t handle that you’ve haven’t just talked to a few people and is hesitant in the future to pursue something serious with you. It’s all so exhausting and stupid. I was talking to my bestie about being in a relationship in college because our freshman year I was single, and by the second semester she wasn’t but our first semester we were both single and just talking to random guys. Her just talking to guys presented some problems with her boyfriend, and after a while I figured that none of the boys on campus were worth my time. I told her about this guy I’m talking to who I kind of like, and he wants to be with me when we get on campus[I’m skeptical about that though..] and she tells me that, Girl you got so many options why you just want to settle down to one but I say, “

Why have so many options and talk to boys to only find out they
just want to fuck in the long run and they some bullshit options and miss an
opportunity with somebody who wants to be with me for me and lose them in the
process of having options?”

and she looked at me and said, “You’re right,”

Friday, July 10, 2009

Does Dad Know Everything? I THINK NO..

ommg people sorry I havent been posting I have actually been workin (only part time now) and just waiting to go back to school. I have NEVER been so ready to go back to school. My hometown of Memphis is actually quite borin, and Im jus ready for the college life, the college boys, the college parties & games lol you know just be FREEEEEEEE LOL but ANYWHO, Im tryna save up money for my apartment I decided to forgo being in a crowded dorm and risk rooming with someone I didn't know OR like, so.... I have to have $324 by August 1th. Now, that's the only time I have to come up with the money myself I have it set up where the money I'm getting by finacial aid it will act as my housing... my apartment for a year is about the same (or a little less) as my housing did in my freshman year so I thought why not be in a apartment instead of a dorm where I have to share the bathroom, be in a little ass space and have to have my space "CHECKED" everytime a holiday came my daddy is being SOOO AGAINST IT. he is LIKE INTENT that's its going to fail!! everytime we talk about we get into a big ass disagreement.he just's listing all the things that's going to go wrong and I'm like, I thought of everything!! I know how I'm going to pay, I know all the roommates I'm rooming with, I will be able to get to the campus cause they have a shuttle(and I will get my car in Dec) so why is he trippin? he thinks I'm jus being young nd thinking I know it all but I think I'm being reasonable and just wants him to know that this CAN go smoothly just because it's a decision I made without him! I guess he seem to think I'm making a huge mistake, but I disagree but hey , he thinks he knows everything cause he lived longer than me. isnt that a stupid reason to say u know more about something? LOL....whatever everytime he starts saying in my head im jus like IM GROWN NOW SO WHATEVER U SAYING ITS LIKE BOOOOOPPPPP lol...Im crazy!!!

post ur thoughts. ♥




Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson


u will forever be missed

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

He aint TRICKIN, but he GOT IT.....

note I love PLIES in this picture lol

Ok. so, I talk to this guy name Q. Q is really sweet, nice and respectful. He's okay looking and he's very gentlemanly. But...I don't really like him. We've been out a few times and I don't feel anything more than friendship from him...but I keep thinking that I should keep him away.

One reason?

He keeps telling me that he will pay for things!! he said he'll be there when I need him, and uHH....chick needs her hair done ASAP !!!! sERIOUSLy, I don't wanna use dude but damn if he putting it out there like that I really ain't trying to pass that up!! I'll still talk to him, but I'm really thinkin' bout letting him gone let him get me stuff. He really seems like he doesn't have a problem w/me. I'm not gonna ask him for anything and I haven't asked him he just keeps offering. I'm working two jobs&& he knows that and he offers...I think its so sweet of him, but would I be using him if I took what he offered????

Is it wrong?

Im Sad I lost followers..

Aw im so sensitive..

 i lost 2 followers over the past 2 days!!

 lol. mane what I do?!?! lol im just kidding but i am kind of disappointed..

 thank u to all my followers!!! all 16 of u ya'll are kind to follow my hot mess of a blog...


Monday, June 22, 2009


and its only going to get worse when I start my 2nd job...

Im gonna be working over 15 hours A DAAY

ugggggghhhhhhhh im too young for this!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

So im A Hoe?

I was watching my FAVORITE reality show "College Hill" and it was the episode where Brandon showed his two-facedness and bitchy ways when he ratted to Milan about the roommates talking about her(WHEN HE WAS THE ONE THAT WAS TALKING ABOUT HER), and where he basically insulted Kay and called her all kinds of derogratory names. Now, the question I want to pose is Why do men like to call women hoes/bitches and the etc. and they know its not true?

It seems like when men feel rejected by a woman the first instinct they get is to demean the woman and try to objectify her and call her the one thing that he knows women hate and fear the most being labeled: a hoe. And then they spread rumors about the woman and cause her reputation to be slandered.

Now, I realize that some women CAN/ARE hoes, and put themselves in positions to be recognized as such but what about women who aren't hoes but since the man feels like he has to lie or feels rejected by her, he feels like he has to slander her name to make himself feel better because as we know, people tend to believe the men more than women.

I myself was a victim of this. While in college, I was messing with a guy name yo. Yo was cute, thuggish, and nonchalant and to my friends dismay, I actually fell for him. But I found out quickly that he wasn't about shit and he actually tried to use me (to do his homework, to have sex, to buy him things etc WHICH I NEVER DID thank GOD!) and when I realize this, I let his ass go with the quickness and started ignoring his ass like he was never born. Needless to say, he didn't like it. Almost immediately after I started ignoring him, whenever I walked by he called me and my friend bitches, stupid ho and etc. I learned later on that he told his friends that I wanted to 'have sex w/him" soo bad and that was not true!!! The most we did was kiss and feel... no kind of sex happened oral or anything!! (I havent done anything with NOBODY!) The culmination of his torment was when he went on a website and basically demeaned my name more by putting a "HOE" list and including me, and several other girls on there. I was furious, but I ignored it, and him......I guess he was expecting a reaction or for me to argue, fight or whatever but I ignored the foolishness and went on. Months later, he apologized and said what he did was immature, and he was sorry and he never had a problem w/me...I accepted but the damage was done. Even after he apologized, i chose to not associate w/him, not even much as a "hello" because I felt he didnt deserve it, if he would do it once he would certainly do it again..

So, I hope that men if you feel angry with a woman that you refrain from calling them a hoe, or a bitch. We are not all hoes/and or bitches and those words do hurt, and it can also ruin people's good names and cause other people to disrespect just because of some silly shit you said. I'm not a hoe. Never was or will be.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Thought for the Day

Why is that when you think you know a person then you find out that you really don't..and here and there you find out that it was all a lie but they were just telling fragments of the truth; at the beginnning of a relationship people pretend to be what they think u want....why cant they just be themselves..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

They say Karma a Bitch

and I don't want that bitch to be me. I've had instances in my past where I knowingly screwed up a relationship with somebody who I thought was "too nice" and of course, karma came and reared its ugly head and gave me a piece of own medicine...

Why I say this?

because I'm currently talking to a guy who's hella sweet, nice, he's a perfect gentleman but..I don't know. We went out, and I didn't feel a spark. When he calls or texts, I don't feel like....'OMG ITS HIM' i could easily receive a call and text from him and won't think to text/call him back for hours. I know its the beginning stages of a friendship, dating whatever but I just aint feeling it.....but I don't wanna break it off soo, one because Im just basing my feelings off first impressions, these first days. I hardly know him, we've been out once or twice I need to give it chance to develop and maybe I'll develop feelings and maybe I just need to built a friendship frist and worry about romantic later and second, because I dont want karma to bite me later on! I just know if I so call "do this guy wrong" that I'll end up talking to a guy I'm REALLY DIGGING and he'll dog the shit outta me. I really dont want that to happen. I've gotten so far in my young life that I haven't experience true heartbreak, and though I know eventually its gonna happen..I'm just not ready for it. I really dont want anything bad to happen to me because of what I've done, but I also dont wanna string anybody along.....but I'm gonna give it a shot though... um REALLY gonna try and be nice, and sweet.. but damn when I dont like somebody, lol I REALLY dont like them.. but we'lll see. What goes around comes around and I'll be damned if that happens to me..

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cut Him Loose, Girl..

Right now I'm feeling like one of the dumbest chick in the world, but I'm bout to get real smart in a minute. LOL. Ok, there's this guy Imma call him "T", and T and me have history. We been talking about a year now, been knowing him a while. T is pretty impressive for someone so young he travels, goes to a prestigious college, and what seems like money at his disposable. I admit, when we first started talking I was not at all serious about mind was on another guy and he was 2nd, maybe even 3rd on my mind. I went off to college, and we kept in touch and before I came home, he was just letting me know that he was serious about us talking, hanging out as much as we can etc. and all that jazz. Now I'm starting to like him, and look forward to us spending time. So what does he do??? You guessed it!! He starts acting distant!!! Its summer time so he's almost never home, but when he is it seems like he can just never find the time to spend time with poor old me. But when he's away, oh I'm "Baby" this, and he cannot wait to see me... he's home now only for 2 days and there's another glitch in the system and he probably wont see me. He wont text (but claim he would) or claim he doesnt get my call/ now, I'm basically calling a spade a spade. He doesn't want me. It's all good when I'm away and he can basically kick bullshit, but when I'm there and ready and willing there's not enough time. I cant wait forever, and I'm not...I know he aint willing to make a commitment anyway, so why should I waste my time?? There's another guy I'm talking to who lives probably 30 minutes away, and he is having NO PROBLEM wanting to see me, talk to me, ALWAYS suggest taking me out and even invited to me a concert. Hell, as I write this I dont understand WHY THE HELL IM TRIPPIN on other dude......
-"What he won't do...
another will"
so im basically gonna give him the AXE!! lol, cant wait to he starts texting me talking about "I dont mess with him anymore," like I'm ignoring him and messed him over!! Dont u just hate when they do that...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Boom 2009?

I was on my facebook page today and one of my male friends put on his status about how its like a baby boom and how girls 17-21 shouldn't really have one or more kids....its his exact words were "they need to be slapped with a cold fish str8 out of the cooler" lol. But I TOTALLY agree w/his sentiment like for real whats up with the teen pregnancy shit?! Is it like the new "IN" thing to do? I graduated from high school exactly a year ago, and no kidding since the beginning of my senior year until now I've known about 10-15 girls who have had like WHOA !! To be honest, in this day & age nobody should get pregnant in my opinion.Its too many contraceptives and birth control (AND U CAN GET IT FOR FREE) for girls to be getting pregnant all willy-nilly! and the killing part about it some of these girls EXPECT their mother to help them with their children. I see these girls who I know got children clubbing and going out and I'm asking myself, "Wow I know these child has a baby why is she spending money on new outfits/getting into the club when she could spending it on her baby". LOL, I have no children and these girls go out MORE THAN I DO (but thats because Im mostly a homebody lol) but yeah. But I can't just rant about the girls too the guys need to be checked as well. Having unprotected sex-BIG NO NO!! I mean seriously, is putting on a condom that hard? It really isn't....and its crazy that with some guys they wont even tell you THEY HAVE seriously! If you so happen to find out they got a child, and you ask they why didn't they mention to you before they will calmly say "well you never asked" lol WELL DAMN...I thought children were a blessing not a secret to be kept hidden away lol SMH! But this baby boom shit is getting RIDICULOUS! I know this one girl who JUST graduated from high school, I dont even think she's 17 yet and this girl has 2 babies....and the other day told me she just went on her 1st date.....WTF?!! 2 children but NEVER went on a DATE?! Wow......But of course, I know there are some females that are young but take care of their children & love them and still trying to work, go to school ETC I really commend them but I'm so over this new BABY BOOM cause it AINT CUTE for you to be in high school going to class and going home instead of doing HOMEWORK, you BREASTFEEDING lol. I know 1 thing....IT WONT BE ME!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Is It Me Or….

So, I've been single for like 2 years right? And let me tell u it's been HORRIBLE. Lol. Ok, maybe not horrible but very very unpleasant. Now I won't say that in that time frame I wasn't going out with guys or talking or spending time with any because I indeed was. But a relationship? Naah, nothing of that sort actually happened. This one guy I been dealing with off and on for damn near 2 years claimed I accepted when he asked to be his girlfriend, but I don't remember no shit like that so….I don't consider him to be my boyfriend. I just wonder why I been single soo damn long. Guys play games that's true but I mean it's gotta be something about me right? I think I'm a sweet, genuine, nice and funny person and most guys (I'm not trying to be arrogant or nothing) think I'm cute so what is it? It can't be that I'm a hoe lol or going or what? I'm so confused!! It just seem like guys just "try" me, or shall I say just try to get something from me and they won't succeed and therefore they give up. BUT I can't put the blame all on the guys. When I meet someone who is nice, decent, but I gotta say it: they're annoying as hell I write them off. My bestie tell me I was wrong and blah, blah, blah but is it so wrong to want a guy with swag? I mean seriously…..a guy can NOT be lame and still be a sweet, funny, attractive and loyal guy? I don't know….I haven't seen too much of "cute" decent guys I only seem to run into 2 categories of guys: (1) Cute, Funny, Swag on 1 million BUT he's either a whore, got a girlfriend (but will cheat), or using that old textbook line "I just got out of a relationship so I don't wanna be in a relationship ::rolling my eyes: or (2) He's Ok, Funny, lil confidence going but he's LAME texting me ALL the time asking the same questions OVER & OVER "what u doing" "whats up with u today" and telling me VERY early on that they like me. I like knowing a guy like me, but I'm sorry and maybe this is why I'm single and probably will stay single for a little while longer but in the beginning I kind of like the 'mystery' of not knowing if the guy is 100% into me I like that anxiety of "omg, does he like Me?" asking my girls "do u think he likes me" analyzing what he says, does, u know whatever all that good stuff. U telling me all these shit about how much u like me, how perfect I am to u just kills the spontaneity, the newness the anticipation and my interest for u DISAPPEARS. Ooh, I don't know I know I need to change my ways but it's been like since middle school and I keep going for the SAME type. U guess it category (1)…. SO, I guess it is ME. I need to change what kind of qualities I look for in a guy..its gone take some time but it'll come lol but until then….ALL MY SINGLE LADIES….LOL

Hehehee my first post yay

Ooh I cannot believe that Im finally making a blog. I loove writing, but I decided that maybe, just maybe what I will have to say will be worthy..haha But anyways, let me introduce myself. Im Porscha, and Im 19 years old (aww soo young!!) I was in my first year of college from 08-09 and now Im just home right now effin bored outta my mind....I've been calling places all around trying to find a job and its like fuck dont anybody want to hire me! I cant spend this summer w/o any money that's just too horrible of a thought of me to bear lol because I have to club and shop and since Im so called "grown" by my parents.. they won't give me anything which absolutely
wIsh me luckk ♥♥