Friday, July 17, 2009

Relationships in College....good or no?

People say that relationships in college don’t work. They say you’re young and why would you want to settle down with just one person while you can have fun and won’t have to be tied down to anybody. That can be true….to some extent but most of the time, in my opinion, the only person who truly benefits from “just having fun” are boys. Cause honestly, girls playing the field are in some way, shape or form going to be called out on it. Don’t you know that you can just talk to different people, not do anything with them at all and guys will see say you are fast and whatnot, just because you chose to “play the field?” And after you’ve “played the field” most boys can’t handle that you’ve haven’t just talked to a few people and is hesitant in the future to pursue something serious with you. It’s all so exhausting and stupid. I was talking to my bestie about being in a relationship in college because our freshman year I was single, and by the second semester she wasn’t but our first semester we were both single and just talking to random guys. Her just talking to guys presented some problems with her boyfriend, and after a while I figured that none of the boys on campus were worth my time. I told her about this guy I’m talking to who I kind of like, and he wants to be with me when we get on campus[I’m skeptical about that though..] and she tells me that, Girl you got so many options why you just want to settle down to one but I say, “

Why have so many options and talk to boys to only find out they
just want to fuck in the long run and they some bullshit options and miss an
opportunity with somebody who wants to be with me for me and lose them in the
process of having options?”

and she looked at me and said, “You’re right,”