Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Broke in College.. Cruelty at its finest

Mostly everybody I know is a broke ass college student.
Not much money, eating Ramen Noodles, and buying used or rented books to save a little cash. So tell me why these party promoters throwing parties and shit like people got money on trees to shell out money for their little parties every week?
Our homecoming is this week, and that means party, party, party every day this week! I just don't have the mulah for that shit.. I just shelled out 35 for a concert @ my school that gotdamn canceled and the fuckers didn't refund our money! That was on some bullshit
Then TSU's homecoming is in 2 or 3 weeks, and I most definitely have to attend that. Plies, Yo Gotti, Young Dro and Yung Joc will be there and Nashville will be on LOCK DOWN..
all these goddamn money. I got a refund and I had money.. but with the spending money on myy new laptop, shopping, books and paying my rent I'm down to 400!! && i won't be getting the next refund til Jan.. so what is a girl to do?! I HaVe to BUDGET!! ahh, but how when there's so much shit to do. I personally think its unfair lol
I'll figure it out.

Acceptance Is Soooo Great!

Today, I've had a revelation

instead of me stressing about being the only single I know, and not being in love and not having a boyfriend and potentially being single for V-day..

today I said "I'm single. Accept it."

and I've come to terms with it. I've come to term with I might not find a dude who is patient about me being a virgin,
I've come to terms with not every guy I meet might not like me as much as I like him,
I've come to terms with the fact I might be single another month, 3 months, or even year...
and that is OK!!

I know you all will think "Damn she so young, why she worried about a boyfriend?" Well..when everybody one you know speaks of love so openly and freely and after a while, the same friends you use to hit every party with opts out instead to snuggle-wugggle with their booski it makes you


but I've come to terms with my single-ness.
My male friend told me to don't look and it will come to you and I said "So that means I have to give up on any possiblity that comes my way" and he told me some that gives me comfort... he said
"Just have faith he will come when he does and you are ready; not worrying is having faith."

I got faith, so i'm not worried about it anymore ♥

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gucci Mane the Burrprint

Okay, so im loooving the Burrrrprint Gucci mane and DJ Drama the movie part 3

mixtape. Again, Gucci came out with another hard mixtape.. im always gonna be a Gucci fan

but one thing that made me laugh was Gucci speaking. In one of his skits, he says, "Jayz is the best rapper alive," That is a LIE

and im like....uh oh is Gucci tryna start some he know he might not can finish?

Iono but..


Monday, October 12, 2009

Men & The Good Ol' Disappearing Act..

Ah, i have no luck with men ..

u think u connect with a dude and it might go somewhere

then,,, we've all been there

he goes on a disappearing act

I was talking to a guy and he was, ehhhhhhhh he alright looking and he seemed cool and we had a good conversation it constantly flowed for about 4 hours

he had strikes thooough

1)overly "cocky" and he wasn't all that cute...i mean, he kept saying "he's different," blah blah blah he dont think like the average dude like....i hate when guys sayy that instead of telling me that let me see it for myself u knww?

2) he says himself he's "superficial" and he wants a girl who is "really pretty". I think that is fine, but when you say that to a girl, in my opinion, u give her reasons to make her insecure. One of the things he t0old me he wanted in a girl that she had long hair. NOW when i met him, I had my weave in.. but when we chilled, I took it out and rockin my collarbone length hair.. && for soome reason I just felt he looked at me different

So im thinking things are gonna be ok, we'll hang out some more possibly get to know dude. Im not thinking much of it. Then, he doesnt text me. Ok, cool.. then another day goes by w/o texting. I text him and his answers are so dry & bland. A bunch of "oks," && "yeas" so, the final question I ask him is "SO have u been busy" and he answers "Yeah," and thats it. ..
now the reason for me asking this question is to have him explain why he hasnt hit me up.. and maybe, possibly we can hang. but none of that sort. he just said yeah.. bland, dry, to the point he doesnt rap. So, Im like "aight" and I delete his number. Its been 4 days no nothing from him...thus the "Disappearing Act"

I hate when guys do this "Disappearing Act" Everything is cool (so u think) then they decide (in their mind) they do not want you, yall didnt connect whatever and u never hear from him again. I just think its a cowardly men .. and for the guy to claim he was "such a man and mature" iJust think it was a bitch, and little boy move.. if u didnt want to rap, at least make an excuse as why we couldnt be together lie and say you're tooo busy to hang or somethin... whatever... ON TO THE NEXT!!! LOL