Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Acceptance Is Soooo Great!

Today, I've had a revelation

instead of me stressing about being the only single I know, and not being in love and not having a boyfriend and potentially being single for V-day..

today I said "I'm single. Accept it."

and I've come to terms with it. I've come to term with I might not find a dude who is patient about me being a virgin,
I've come to terms with not every guy I meet might not like me as much as I like him,
I've come to terms with the fact I might be single another month, 3 months, or even year...
and that is OK!!

I know you all will think "Damn she so young, why she worried about a boyfriend?" Well..when everybody one you know speaks of love so openly and freely and after a while, the same friends you use to hit every party with opts out instead to snuggle-wugggle with their booski it makes you


but I've come to terms with my single-ness.
My male friend told me to don't look and it will come to you and I said "So that means I have to give up on any possiblity that comes my way" and he told me some that gives me comfort... he said
"Just have faith he will come when he does and you are ready; not worrying is having faith."

I got faith, so i'm not worried about it anymore ♥