Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Broke in College.. Cruelty at its finest

Mostly everybody I know is a broke ass college student.
Not much money, eating Ramen Noodles, and buying used or rented books to save a little cash. So tell me why these party promoters throwing parties and shit like people got money on trees to shell out money for their little parties every week?
Our homecoming is this week, and that means party, party, party every day this week! I just don't have the mulah for that shit.. I just shelled out 35 for a concert @ my school that gotdamn canceled and the fuckers didn't refund our money! That was on some bullshit
Then TSU's homecoming is in 2 or 3 weeks, and I most definitely have to attend that. Plies, Yo Gotti, Young Dro and Yung Joc will be there and Nashville will be on LOCK DOWN..
all these goddamn money. I got a refund and I had money.. but with the spending money on myy new laptop, shopping, books and paying my rent I'm down to 400!! && i won't be getting the next refund til Jan.. so what is a girl to do?! I HaVe to BUDGET!! ahh, but how when there's so much shit to do. I personally think its unfair lol
I'll figure it out.


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