Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Im Sad I lost followers..

Aw im so sensitive..

 i lost 2 followers over the past 2 days!!

 lol. mane what I do?!?! lol im just kidding but i am kind of disappointed..

 thank u to all my followers!!! all 16 of u ya'll are kind to follow my hot mess of a blog...



Miss.$ugarDaddy said...

Lol, I'll add my face. i know how you feel !

.:.Simply Shay.:. said...

Porscha! Lol. So I totally accidently stumbled on your blog! But it's nice to see an old face. :-)

Remember when we used to chat on AIM all the time in middle school at Snowden? Man how times flies!

Anywho, I'm now following you! Stop by my blog anytime you feel like it!

♥ Shay