Sunday, June 14, 2009

They say Karma a Bitch

and I don't want that bitch to be me. I've had instances in my past where I knowingly screwed up a relationship with somebody who I thought was "too nice" and of course, karma came and reared its ugly head and gave me a piece of own medicine...

Why I say this?

because I'm currently talking to a guy who's hella sweet, nice, he's a perfect gentleman but..I don't know. We went out, and I didn't feel a spark. When he calls or texts, I don't feel like....'OMG ITS HIM' i could easily receive a call and text from him and won't think to text/call him back for hours. I know its the beginning stages of a friendship, dating whatever but I just aint feeling it.....but I don't wanna break it off soo, one because Im just basing my feelings off first impressions, these first days. I hardly know him, we've been out once or twice I need to give it chance to develop and maybe I'll develop feelings and maybe I just need to built a friendship frist and worry about romantic later and second, because I dont want karma to bite me later on! I just know if I so call "do this guy wrong" that I'll end up talking to a guy I'm REALLY DIGGING and he'll dog the shit outta me. I really dont want that to happen. I've gotten so far in my young life that I haven't experience true heartbreak, and though I know eventually its gonna happen..I'm just not ready for it. I really dont want anything bad to happen to me because of what I've done, but I also dont wanna string anybody along.....but I'm gonna give it a shot though... um REALLY gonna try and be nice, and sweet.. but damn when I dont like somebody, lol I REALLY dont like them.. but we'lll see. What goes around comes around and I'll be damned if that happens to me..


Miss Wilson said...

Girl! I completely understand, I have passed up so many sweet, nice men. I feel like "nice" isn't my type, and then I complain when the men who I do let stay around don't seem as caring- call less, text less, etc. I do think it's not always about the first impression. I wasn't attracted to my current boyfriend until I spent more time with him, I eventually fell for how nice he was (niceness level somewhat declined when he got me lol but he is still a good bf)so give this guy a chance. Good luck!

sunshinestar110 said...

I understand 110%. I am going the same thing right now. I have a really nice guy i'm dating and I'm just not feeling him at all. I'm trying to wait it out and see maybe it will become more, but I'm thinking i should move on. That feeling may never come and i don't want to force it. So good luck to you and keep me posted on the out come.