Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hehehee my first post yay

Ooh I cannot believe that Im finally making a blog. I loove writing, but I decided that maybe, just maybe what I will have to say will be worthy..haha But anyways, let me introduce myself. Im Porscha, and Im 19 years old (aww soo young!!) I was in my first year of college from 08-09 and now Im just home right now effin bored outta my mind....I've been calling places all around trying to find a job and its like fuck dont anybody want to hire me! I cant spend this summer w/o any money that's just too horrible of a thought of me to bear lol because I have to club and shop and since Im so called "grown" by my parents.. they won't give me anything which absolutely
wIsh me luckk ♥♥