Sunday, June 21, 2009

So im A Hoe?

I was watching my FAVORITE reality show "College Hill" and it was the episode where Brandon showed his two-facedness and bitchy ways when he ratted to Milan about the roommates talking about her(WHEN HE WAS THE ONE THAT WAS TALKING ABOUT HER), and where he basically insulted Kay and called her all kinds of derogratory names. Now, the question I want to pose is Why do men like to call women hoes/bitches and the etc. and they know its not true?

It seems like when men feel rejected by a woman the first instinct they get is to demean the woman and try to objectify her and call her the one thing that he knows women hate and fear the most being labeled: a hoe. And then they spread rumors about the woman and cause her reputation to be slandered.

Now, I realize that some women CAN/ARE hoes, and put themselves in positions to be recognized as such but what about women who aren't hoes but since the man feels like he has to lie or feels rejected by her, he feels like he has to slander her name to make himself feel better because as we know, people tend to believe the men more than women.

I myself was a victim of this. While in college, I was messing with a guy name yo. Yo was cute, thuggish, and nonchalant and to my friends dismay, I actually fell for him. But I found out quickly that he wasn't about shit and he actually tried to use me (to do his homework, to have sex, to buy him things etc WHICH I NEVER DID thank GOD!) and when I realize this, I let his ass go with the quickness and started ignoring his ass like he was never born. Needless to say, he didn't like it. Almost immediately after I started ignoring him, whenever I walked by he called me and my friend bitches, stupid ho and etc. I learned later on that he told his friends that I wanted to 'have sex w/him" soo bad and that was not true!!! The most we did was kiss and feel... no kind of sex happened oral or anything!! (I havent done anything with NOBODY!) The culmination of his torment was when he went on a website and basically demeaned my name more by putting a "HOE" list and including me, and several other girls on there. I was furious, but I ignored it, and him......I guess he was expecting a reaction or for me to argue, fight or whatever but I ignored the foolishness and went on. Months later, he apologized and said what he did was immature, and he was sorry and he never had a problem w/me...I accepted but the damage was done. Even after he apologized, i chose to not associate w/him, not even much as a "hello" because I felt he didnt deserve it, if he would do it once he would certainly do it again..

So, I hope that men if you feel angry with a woman that you refrain from calling them a hoe, or a bitch. We are not all hoes/and or bitches and those words do hurt, and it can also ruin people's good names and cause other people to disrespect just because of some silly shit you said. I'm not a hoe. Never was or will be.