Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Boom 2009?

I was on my facebook page today and one of my male friends put on his status about how its like a baby boom and how girls 17-21 shouldn't really have one or more kids....its his exact words were "they need to be slapped with a cold fish str8 out of the cooler" lol. But I TOTALLY agree w/his sentiment like for real whats up with the teen pregnancy shit?! Is it like the new "IN" thing to do? I graduated from high school exactly a year ago, and no kidding since the beginning of my senior year until now I've known about 10-15 girls who have had like WHOA !! To be honest, in this day & age nobody should get pregnant in my opinion.Its too many contraceptives and birth control (AND U CAN GET IT FOR FREE) for girls to be getting pregnant all willy-nilly! and the killing part about it some of these girls EXPECT their mother to help them with their children. I see these girls who I know got children clubbing and going out and I'm asking myself, "Wow I know these child has a baby why is she spending money on new outfits/getting into the club when she could spending it on her baby". LOL, I have no children and these girls go out MORE THAN I DO (but thats because Im mostly a homebody lol) but yeah. But I can't just rant about the girls too the guys need to be checked as well. Having unprotected sex-BIG NO NO!! I mean seriously, is putting on a condom that hard? It really isn't....and its crazy that with some guys they wont even tell you THEY HAVE seriously! If you so happen to find out they got a child, and you ask they why didn't they mention to you before they will calmly say "well you never asked" lol WELL DAMN...I thought children were a blessing not a secret to be kept hidden away lol SMH! But this baby boom shit is getting RIDICULOUS! I know this one girl who JUST graduated from high school, I dont even think she's 17 yet and this girl has 2 babies....and the other day told me she just went on her 1st date.....WTF?!! 2 children but NEVER went on a DATE?! Wow......But of course, I know there are some females that are young but take care of their children & love them and still trying to work, go to school ETC I really commend them but I'm so over this new BABY BOOM cause it AINT CUTE for you to be in high school going to class and going home instead of doing HOMEWORK, you BREASTFEEDING lol. I know 1 thing....IT WONT BE ME!


t.t. stacey said...

First date??? Say what, say what??

Miss.$ugarDaddy said...

lmfaoo, "girls cant be having babies all 'willy-nilly'"
sooo true.


^ took the words right outta my mouth ^ LOL