Monday, August 17, 2009

That Damn Latisse Commerical

Am I the only one who is thorougly annoyed by this commerical?

I see this commerical at least 10x a day, and it bugs the ish out of me!!! They think women

seriously gonna go to their doctor and get a presciption to help their damn eyelashes grow?! Aint

that some can lose your eyesight, but you'll have some curly ass eyelashes...smfh.

Dont they know women can just get fake eyelashes, and call it a day?? Only white women gne buy this shit...


Briiii_theMoonWillow said...

actually no, i doubt only white women get this.

african american women may be jumping at the chance to get this and grow their eyelashes back out because the GLUE from those fake eyelashes you mentioned takes your lashes right out.

bald eyes. yep.

you ever gotten em? I know you think this stuff is stupid but...not everybody has sense =/

a whole race of people isn't going to feel the same about a new product because one does

♥Porscha said...

i dont me I dont think black women will be goin to their doctor to spend money on a presciption only medicine for their eyelashes when they wont even get immediate results when they can possibly get fake eyelashes..and they dont have to get the ones with the glue they can get the indidivual eyelashes one whatever