Monday, August 3, 2009

Im SO over it..

Seriously, i HATE when a guy Im talking to make it seems like Im more interested in him than he is with me. Like, won't even text/call for a whole
day because their playing "PS3" or helping NUMEROUS people move all the time...hMM.. sounds fishy to me. Doesn't call, wants to text a line or
two each day and claims they are not a "phone" person but are more comfortable in person.... like dude, Im so over you. My interest is fleeting
and you just lost it.


Anonymous said...

Dudes are like that! Its like you gotta train them or something but hey never make someone a priority if you aint THEIR priority!

Ms. T said...

Yeah dude are on that, when they do that you gotta do you and keep it movin.

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Ms. T