Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things I Hate Seeing While on Campus..

Girls walking in heels---
like, seriously? I know you want to be cute & all but our college campus is HUUUUGE, and parking is horrible so basically you have to walk everywhere and when I see girls in heels it just give me a headache like, ugggh I hope you fall so I can laugh VERY VERY loud in your face.. '

People stopping/slowing down in the middle of traffic--
You know when you tryna walk to your class and there's a whole crowd walking forward/back and you tryna get where you're going and all of a sudden, the person in front starts slowing down and you try to manuever your way from behind them but there's so many people that you can't. Yeah. Thanks asshole now i'm late for class! '

Riding a bike in the middle of traffic-
I see this all the time on my campus....they will ride their bike on the sidewalk where a bunch of people are tryna to walk. And some don't even watch where they're going! You'll be walking and all of a sudden you see a bike and shit whiz by and you get all scared & isssh just because they didn't let YOU know they were comin. ugh, you know you can walk right?

A whole bunch of guys laughing/talking--
I hate to see a whole bunch of guys together because thats just means one of them is gonna try && talk to me, and be worsome ass hell. They're little dumb ass friends gonna say some stupid sexual shit && gon ask me can they be my friend knowing damn well they don't wanna be my friend.siiigh.

Guys with skinny jeans on and yet, they still sagging---
This has been a trend since Im guessing last fall. But why?! So, you want to have tight jeans but still be "hood" and sag? In the words of B. Scott, "Bitch. Boo. Bye!!"

The white girls with uggs on and it's 90 degrees outside--
But she'll have on a mini-skirt and Aeropostale shirt.. and her hair will be in a messy bun.. smh

That really old guy who you thinks goes to your school but not sure but he keeps starin----
I know I'm not the only one, right?



Briiii_theMoonWillow said...

mmmmmmm....... >.>.......

you might be... LOL

except for the skinny jeans and traffic issues... =o

Bianca S. said...

LMAO @ grls walking with heels around campus!! I feel da exact same way!!! and where i go to school there is NOTHING but hills...i never understood it lol