Monday, August 17, 2009

Niggas are So Disrespectful now a Days..

and I just wonder....when did this come about??

I have two brothers one older and one younger. My older brother is....ugh, sometimes disgusting to say the least. He calls every girl he encounters "Hoes" or "Bitches" and basically bring women

to a level of just having sex with them. And it's a lot of other guys like that as well. When did this become a trend? When did disrespecting women and slogans like, "Money over bitches," and '

"Trust no Hoe," become popular?? Whose fault is it? Back in the 40s, 50s, & 60s men wouldn't DARE call a women a hoe or a bitch. Men were respectful, opened doors, take women out on dates really court a woman. Now, niggas will text you "Whats up wit the pussy" and expect to have sex even if he just took you to damn Taco Bell !!! Is it women's fault? Is it because we became too lax, and let men in who wasn't worthy; is it because of they way women dress now a days very procatively; I don't understand......they say its because of single parenthood, but if men are being raised by single mothers wouldn't that teach them to respect a woman because they are hardworking and will sacrifice for the family??

These are the things that are on my Mind..


Briiii_theMoonWillow said...

mmm... to answer your questions around the end... i would have to say a definite yes to all of (?) all of the blame can't be put on just one group of people... we're kind of all responsible. ESPECIALLY the government... or..Masons.. Hell, whoever is in charge of what is allowed to be put in our ears and our mines, so they can destroy our race. The Labels! but who are the Labels working under >.>.... *conspiracy moment is officially OVER*

i think it might have started happening with the start of a new millennium... or maybe in the mid nineties... actually... i should go listen to some more music from the 80s before i say that... but either way, if it was going on back then, it got more publicized now in this new millennium and its just accepted and glamorized. partly because of music today. music and the celebrities have a big influence on us =/

and its funny because there are probably some artist who say these things to the public but dont live these things behind closed doors and there are all these people wanting to emulate them and dont even see how they really are.
Our generation is gettin kinda.... messed up >.>...

I was just wondering though... Does every guy really appreciate being called a Nigga? I wonder for the ones that don't, who still see that word as derogatory and the worst possible thing you could ever call someone, does being called a Nigga for men that don't by women the reciprocate women being called hoes and bitches...? Mmm... it probably feels even worse than that if they don't like that word.. and not just by women either... man you should smack some gradual sense into your older brother. it might take a while for people to break this habit.... good Lord, did you realize I had more to say?! I did... but thankfully I got distracted and forgot... sorry for the comment novel =/

♥Porscha said...

I definitely agree there is no one answer or one specific group but it just seems the lack of disrespect came outta left field and I wanna know the root;
and Idk think guys I know (well, some) dont mind being referred to as niggas i dont know why I say it myself Im so just use to it....i know its a bad thing

D. said...

Hello this is Derrick. You are right their are some boys out their that are disrespect and some who are not disrespect towards women. I do not know why that is. I do not know why boys like to bring women down. I guess you have to pray for them. May God bless you and your family.

Bianca S. said...

some men act this way because of the kind of women they have encountered...those women allowed them to talk to them that way and treat them as if they didn't matter. but once they find that woman who won't take it, they'll change. IF they really want her. every man loves a challenge

Brandon K. said...

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HD said...

Well, part of it is due to the disrespect many men have for women, but part of it is also due to the fact many women refer to themselves and their female friends as bitches too. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Either BOTH genders stop using that word to refer to females or it'll probably stay, sadly. Anyways, check out my blog at