Monday, September 28, 2009

only LAMES go up to guys right..

Is it acceptable for girls to go up to guys now?

I ask this because....iam in a bit of a dilemma. In my history 2020 class, there is a guy. He's REALLY cute and his name is, I shall call him, J. J is cute as hell, and I peeped that out first day of class. He was kind of eyeing me too I felt it, but he didn't approach me. Cool. Whatever

So, just last week I got a little bit cute I think and went to class. after class, i was walking towards the library when he appears next to me. Im getting excited because im thinking 'perfect opportunity' and that he will start a conversation say hey or somethin.
UM, it never happened. We walked a good 10 minutes besides each other, and he didnt say a word to me. He put on his earphones and walked.

I felt crushed.

So, my friends are telling me maybe I should start a conversation with him and get him to know me. Maybe start saying "Hello," or "HI," and that will let him know that I am interested.
But my thing is....if he is interested, or halfway interested or thinks im cute....won't he approach me? Men are SIMPLE, right. If they are interested they will come up to you and approach you. If they are NOT interested, they WONT come up to you. Fairly simple concept, so why am I analyzing it right?

My friend told me just because he thinks Im pretty doesnt mean he wanna talk to me. He has to get to know me a bit before he can make that call to become interested, so starting a conversation is key. But Im juss saying.....WHY I GOTTA MAKE THAT FIRST MOVE?


khaki said...

I dont see a problem with approaching a guy- even if its just to say hello. I mean there are such things as shy guys so.... I say go for it.

destined2luvkiki said...

i think he's shy i mean every guy dont approach grls. some guys r scared of rejection. i mean it took the guy im talkin to now like a day or so to apporach me

(i seen him a week b4 like we both keep lookin at eachother and im sayin to myself like i gotta meet him but i was to scared at that moment to approach him..then a week later when we seen eachother again thats when he approach me he was shy to talk to me but he did it)

grl just approach him just start of by sayin "hi" i mean dont jump into a full blown convo wit him start off simple and once u speak to him its gonna be easier for u and him to speak to eachother

Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

He might be shy... but you can definitely smile when he looks at you so he knows your approachable... some guys need that extra reassurance. You can also start a light convo with him about a class lecture/assignment just to feel him out *shrugs*..idk, just a few suggestions. Men are so simple that they're complicated...smh. good luck!

~Nina of *AF*

~Kymmy~ said...

Say Hi to him but let him do the rest. Don't get use to approaching boys/males. It's their job to go after you. If its meant and he really likes you, trust me, he won't let u get away unless he's really dumb. And We don't need dummies right? You'll understand as you get older. Men like to be the chasers. They don't have respect for women who puts themselves out there, even if its not about sex. Keep in mind that you always want to be the type of girl he introduces to his mother!
Speak to J, and keep it pushing. He'll eventually come around.

Freckles said...

I agree with Nina on this one. See where he is but feel him out. He could be a great friend. I have to say that I dont completely agree with Kymmy on the respect thing. I approach men sometimes and I am not any less respected by doing so. I do have an aggressive nature. I do make it be comfortable for conversation while allowing a man to be a man. Sometimes they need a little encouragement and if you wait on eventually they may pass you by. There is nothing wrong with speaking up on what you like however there is a way of doing so. Just my 2 cents...

Neesh B Fly said...

NEVER..guys approach you all the time you shoul be able to do the same..i mean i barely do it but i think you should be able to approach a guy maybe he's shy..but i prefer guy that would approach me cuz i don't really like to go up to guys like that unless he's super cute and acting stuck

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Crystal.Walker said...

I think you should talk to him. He might be a shy guy. You never know until you talk to him. :-)

p.s. I love your blog!

HD said...

Im late here, but I hate that guys have to approach girls all the time. Look, just because you make the first move doesn't mean he'll think you're a slut or easy. In the respectful light, I've had girls approach me before, and I loved it. It CAN go both ways, ladies. Show me anywhere where it says otherwise.