Monday, September 28, 2009

Im LOSING my best friend to her BOYFRIEND

Me and my bestie have been friends since the 7th grade. We both haven't been in any serious relationships, and we were thick as thieves and stuck like glue our 1st and 2nd semester of college.

Then she got a boyfriend.

And now, it's so very very very different and no matter what she tells me, THAT SHIT IS DIFFERENT.

You see, I am still single, and with NO prospects in mind I like to go out.
but she, on the other hand does not like going out..she'd rather stay in her boyfriend

And thats fine and dandy....but she never wants to go out anymore. I'd ask her to go somewhere, and its like PULLING teeth to get her to go. I don't want to have to beg her to go anywhere with me. She is my bestie, she should go willing.. We live in an apt together and time spent is spent in each other rooms for whatever little time she isnt with her bf, and thats it.

I asked her recently about a party and she indicated she didn't want to go, though last week she was up for it. Im like WTF? Last year, any party there was we could get to she was geeked to go to. It just makes me frustrating.

I know she is happy in love, and wants to spend ALL her time with him but when did spending time with him sacrifice her wanting to spend time with me??

Im happy for my best friend, it is just that she is extremely frustrating me to the depths. Maybe I should just find another single friend and get it like that and leave her iwith her happy relationship. I dont know what anymore.
I just miss my old best friend. Before the boyfriend. But if shes happy..


Eurydice said...

friends get boyfriends and they go thru this phase where all they want to do is spend time with that person. It's a phase, give it time.

Eventually she'll wanna spend more time with you or he'll wanna spend time with his friends.

In any event, she'll become much more available.

D. said...

Hello this is Derrick. You feel left out of tha mix. I know that you do not want to leave your best friend. Maybe you should take a step back and reexamine your friend. May God bless you and your family.

khaki said...

Awwww... i know how you feel but like Eury said give it a little time.

Freckles said...

patience and friendship are essential. If this relationship is new...just hold tight but communication is key. let her know how you feel and let her make it better. we sometimes need to find our own balance between the 2 besties and boyfriends.

Lipglass and Handbags said...

I have been that friend that was with her Boyfriend ALL the time and he and I both got flack for it. As you've heard "give it time" but it never hurts to have a heart to heart.